Haunted Houses

The Cadogan Hotel, built in 1887 in London's SW1, off Sloane Square, was at the heart of one of Victorian societies most infamous indiscretions. The 65 room hotel is infamous for being the venue where Oscar Wilde was arrested in room 118.

Disneyland has spawned more urban legends and ghost stories than any other tourist attraction in the United States. The Haunted Mansion at the Disney theme park is believed to have several resident ghosts, often seen by visitors and staff.

Fort Ticonderoga employee's describe it as "A very haunted place". Sightings of floating orbs are common. Maintenance men locking up the Fort late at night have reported seeing the ghost of a Red Coat Soldier in the south barracks.

A second visit took place in October 2003. We did not experience as much on this trip but there were still incidents of cold spots and a great moment in the Chapel (captured on film) where a chair can be heard scraping across the floor.

The Mount Washington Hotel opened in 1902 near Mount Washington, in the town of Carroll, New Hampshire. In 2008 an investigation for the Syfy channel's Ghost Hunters show was carried out, recording evidence of paranormal activity.

The North Head Quarantine Station is located in New South Wales, overlooking Sydney harbour. Every building on the site is believed to be haunted. Visitors have reported apparitions walking in front of their cars as they leave the site at night.

Built in 1886, the Ohio Reformatory was designed to rehabilitate first-time offenders. After 94 years of operation, the prison's legacy became one of abuse, torture, and murder. Numerous ghosts are said to haunt the prison and it's grounds.

Mysterious sightings and ghostly goings on have been part and parcel of the RAF's Montrose Heritage Centre's history since World War I. As the site of Britain's first operational military airfield, RAF Montrose was set up by the Royal Flying Corps in 1913.

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