In Spitalfields, East London stands the most famous pub in Jack the Ripper history, the Ten Bells. Constructed in 1752 The Ten Bell was where several of the victims of Jack the Ripper drank most notably Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly.

The Pub has changed very little since the early hours of November 9th 1888, when Mary Kelly, Jack the Ripper's final victim, left the pub. Her horrifically mutilated body was discovered next morning in Millers Court of Dorset Street on the opposite side of the road from the Ten Bells. During the 1970's and 80's the pub was renamed by the landlord as the Jack the Ripper, the brewery reverted back to its original name in 1989.

The Ten Bells Pub

In the late 1990's live in staff whose bedrooms were on the upper floors of the Pub, were complaining of alarming encounters with the ghost of an old man dressed in Victorian clothing. Staff reported that they would often be awoken in the early hours of the morning, to find the phantom form of the old man lying beside them on the bed! As soon as they would cry out in shock the ghostly figure would vanish. Staff with no previous knowledge of his ghost would often report seeing him, and their descriptions would always be the same.

A tenant who lived on the premises in 2001 would often hear phantom footsteps followed by the faint sound of laughter outside his door, when he was the only person on the premises. When going down the stairs to the bar he would often be pushed hard on the back by invisible hands, several times this resulted in him ending up in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

A psychic was brought to the pub to see what she could pick up at the premises. Upon reaching the top floor, she paused outside one of the rooms and refused to go any further. She said that she could sense that something terrible had happened in the room and was almost certain that it involved the brutal death of a baby in the 19th century.

Lindsay Siviter, a leading researcher and expert on the Jack the Ripper Crimes, was being shown around the pub a few years later and had been allowed access to the roof space. She noticed some material embedded in the floor behind the water tank and pulling at it found it was a sack tied at the top. Opening it she found it contained a moldy set of Victorian baby clothes that appeared to have been slashed with a knife. Intriguingly the tank was directly over the room that the psychic had refused to enter.

The Ten Bells Pub Ghost Photo

The ghost photo above was sent into us by one of our readers Paul Hewson, it shows a white mist moving along in front of the pub.