The Church House Inn is considered to be one of the most haunted Pubs in the South West. The Inn is haunted by the ghost of a man who is described as being tall, bald and dressed in black. The apparition is most often seen in bedroom number 1.

The Inn was constructed in 1340, over the centuries the building has incorporated many features from different periods of English history. It has many interesting features, including oak paneling and beams salvaged from Spanish ships that were part of the Spanish Armada. There is an admiral's bunk from a Tudor man-of-war, and a sundial embedded in the floor.

Torbryan was on the main Plymouth stage route and had extensive stabling. By 1938, the Church House had declined and was going to be demolished, but was bought and restored by Howell Paine. It is now owned by and run by Kane and Carolynne Clarke.

Church House Inn

A visitor sleeping in the bar one night (the inn being full up) woke in the early hours with a feeling of 'something odd', looked around the room he saw the seated figure of a monk. As he got up to take a closer look it seemed to dissolve into the wall behind it. Other guests have also glimpsed the apparition of the monk in the lounge next to the bar.

On one occasion the owner Kane was woken by the sound of their young son crying, he went to check on him and saw the figure of a man leaning over his sons cot. The figure moved to the stairs and started to descend towards the bar, thinking that the man was a burglar Kane chased after him. When he got to the bottom of the stairs he found the bar empty and all the doors locked and all the windows secure, the figure had simply vanished.

A new local policeman came into the Inn one evening to meet the locals. After introductions were made, he asked the Landlord who the quiet old man was, only to be told that there was nobody there. Other paranormal activity includes guests reporting the images of faces appearing in the wooden paneling the bar.

Upstairs the bedrooms are haunted by another ghost, that of a man who is described as being tall, bald and dressed in black. The apparition is most often seen in bedroom number 1. He has been seen standing at the end of the bed. One guest awoke early in the morning to see a disembodied arm pointing towards the church.

A Church House Inn Bedroom

In bedroom two guests complain of the toilet flushing in the early hours of the morning, the owners have had a plumber look at it but they could find no fault with it. In bed rooms 11 and 12 there have been reports of doors slamming and loud bangs and crashes with no explanation for the noises. In rooms 14 and 15 guests have reported the sensation of being watched.