The Creaky Cauldron at 21 Henley Street is reported to be one of the most haunted and most frightening locations in the UK. The building is believed to have 40 different ghosts that regularly make their presence known.

21 Henley Street

21 Henley Street is now the only remaining section of the famous White Lion Inn that still stands. The Tudor period building was constructed in the mid 1500's; however records show that there has been a building on the site since the early 1100's.

In its heyday, the White Lion Inn was the largest coaching inn in Europe stretching from Windsor Street all the way to the site of William Shakespeare's birthplace. During its time as an Inn the building was known to have links to several Secret Societies and even royalty.

It is also home to a much darker period of history during the late 1700's a series of very brutal attacks took place on prostitutes in the bedrooms on the upper floors of the Inn. These attacks have left a spectral imprint on the building that can be sensed by mediums to this very day.

During the English Civil War the building was taken over by parliamentary soldiers who are said to haunt the upper levels to this very day whispering about secret plans.

21 Henley Street is now owned by a medium who has converted the 3 floor building into a museum of Witchcraft and Wizardry known as the Creaky Cauldron. After darkness falls and after the last visitor has left the museum, the building is open up to ghost hunters and paranormal tours. There is a haunted Chamber where guests can spend the night, several visitors have had to leave because of there experiences in this room.

In the Apothecary visitors have witnessed several different ghosts; all of these are believed to be from the era when the building was part of the White Lion Inn. On the top floor many visitors complain of feeling sick and of headaches.

In the Nursery room strange noises have been heard, red lights are often seen and the ghosts of a young boy and girl have been seen in here. Cold spots are often found and paranormal investigators have reported large EMF readings suggesting a strong presence in the room. Children's toys left in the room overnight are often moved to different areas of the nursery.

One guest on a paranormal tour was so scared after investigating the first floor he would go up the stairs because of the feeling of dread. People have also been seen running out of the building screaming and will not put another foot back in the building.


Reader's Email - Account submitted by Dan Chan

I actually spent a night at the Creaky Cauldron last Halloween (2009) for a ghost tour. (I should note that I have always been very sceptical of ghosts and still am) I certainly had feelings of uneasiness whilst in the building; I constantly felt as though something was near me and without me saying anything one of the people on the ghost tour said she felt uneasy around me because of a presence.

I felt extremely dizzy and sick whilst inside some of the rooms, and when we visited the children's Toy room on the top floor I found myself having an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

After we went back to our hotel (my partner and I were staying a 10 minute walk away) and we had gone to bed I was awoken by a knocking noise in the early hours; it was a slow-paced knocking (like that of a cane at a door) and continually coming closer. I was pretty frightened so forced myself to think about what one of the ghost hunters had said - "sometimes ghosts follow people home and all you must do is tell than to leave you a alone and that they are not welcome".

If there really was anything there this little trick worked after about 20 minutes. It defiantly was the strangest night of my life. I find myself a little more open minded now, though my brain still tries to tell me that it was just my imagination playing tricks on me. Who knows?