The Grenadier Pub has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the most haunted pubs in London. On one of its walls are the newspaper reports of its haunted history, a small crucifix hangs on the wall of the cellar to ward off evil spirits and energies.

The Grenadier Pub

The Grenadier's low ceilings and candle lit ambience makes it feel as though your going back in time when you enter. During the Napoleonic wars the pubs upper floors were used as an officers mess for the nearby Grenadier Guards, whilst its cellar was used as a drinking and gambling den for common soldiers. The Duke of Wellington is recorded as drinking here, and the pewter bar is the oldest of it kind.

It is said that a young soldier was caught cheating at cards and suffered such a savage beating by his comrades that he died from the injuries inflicted up on him. It is not known in which year the incident took place but it is thought that the month was September, and this is when the pub's paranormal activity is at its highest.

Several witness have reported seeing a silent sombre spirit slowly gliding across the room before vanishing. Objects are known to disappear or are mysteriously moved over night. Unseen hands rattle and move chairs and cold spots are reported by patrons and staff.

Footsteps are often heard pacing frantically around empty rooms, and yet when investigated, no one is found. Staff have reported hearing moaning noises emanating from the cellar. A Scotland yard detective whilst off duty and having a drink was burnt by what he described as an invisible cigarette.