The New Inn in Northgate Street, Gloucester is a bar and hotel. The building dates back to the 14th Century and it was originally built to house pilgrims visiting the shrine of King Edward II at nearby Gloucester Cathedral.

A series of unexplained events have occurred at The New Inn in the space of a week, including the sound of ghostly footsteps and rattling doors. The paranormal activity was eventually captured on CCTV when a Pint of Beer moved across a table and dropped on to the floor.

New Inn

Lyn Cinderey from the Gloucester Active Paranormal Society (GAPS) was visiting the bar at the time of the 'moving pint' incident, taking part in a pub quiz. "There were several people in the bar, and four people saw this full pint just lift up and fall on the floor. The glass didn't even break we just couldn't believe it. It was right there in the middle of the quiz".

Lyn has been investigating the New Inn over several years and has never known it so active. "The activity has risen since 1 February when the new managers, Mark and Samantha, arrived."

Mark and Samantha have reported that there young daughter has seen and talked to the ghost of a young girl at the Inn. Members of staff have reported hearing phantom footsteps from the cellar. One of the bar staff claims to have experienced a cold spot in the bar after closing time, he said the drop in temperature chilled him to the bone. On another occasion the pub managers' pet has even been spooked, Samantha's dog was eating his food in his bowl and the bowl just turned itself over. The dog ran over to the other side of the room and just stared at his bowl and wouldn't go near it the rest of the night.