Avebury lies at the heart of England's most ancient and mysterious countryside. There have been reports of at least five different ghosts at the Red Lion Pub, located in the stone cirlce, with high levels of paranormal activity being recorded.

Records of human activity here date back thousands of years. Avebury is the site of Europe's largest stone circle or, to be more precise, several stone circles, dating from between 4,000BC and 2400BC. These stones were erected up to 2000years before Stonehenge.

The Red Lion Pub, Avebury, England

Within one of the stone circles at Avebury is the Red Lion Pub, one of the most haunted pubs in England. The building dates back to the early 1600s, and was a farmhouse until 1802, when it acquired a licence and became a coaching inn.

The Stone Cirle at Avebury

There have been reports of at least five different ghosts at the Red Lion and a large amount of paranormal activity recorded here over the years. The Red Lion has been voted as one of the top ten most haunted pubs in the world.

The most famous ghost at the Red Lion is known as Florrie. It is believed that she lived here in the 17th century during the civil war. Florrie's husband was a soldier. He went off to fight in the civil war, and while he was gone Florrie took a lover. One night her husband returned unexpectedly from duty and discovered his wife with her lover. In a fit of rage he shot dead his rival and stabbed his wife and threw her body down the well and sealed it with a boulder.

Florrie's ghost has been seen emerging and disappearing into the well which is situated in the bar area, it has been glassed over and now serves as drinks table. Florrie's ghost is blamed for throwing salt and pepper mills across the bar, and it is believed to be Florrie's spirit that has been witnessed several times in the ladies' toilets.

The Well Inside The Red Lion Pub

You have a better chance of spotting Florrie's ghost if you have a beard, it is believed that either her husband or lover had a one. On one occasion a chandelier in the restaurant started spinning at an alarming speed when ever a bearded patron walked by.

A previous owner of the property is believed to have been murdered here in the 17th century. A farmer hid some wanted outlaws in his cellar, but he was double-crossed by them and murdered. It is believed to be his ghost that has been spotted by several witnesses and paranormal researchers. Psychic's and mediums usually describe this apparition as having a knife in his hand

The ghosts of two children, have been witnessed by several guests cowering in a corner of the Avenue bedroom. An apparition of a lady has also been witnessed in the room, she is often seen at the same time as the children. She always seems either oblivious to or unconcerned by their evident distress.

One member of staff reported that things often go missing at the pub and turn up days later. Numerous guests have claimed that there rooms are extremely cold even in the middle of summer. It is not strange for guests to check out in the middle of the night vowing not to set foot in there room again.

A Ghostly horse drawn carriage has been seen pulling up outside the pub, and staff have heard the phantom clattering of hooves in the courtyard outside the pub. Successive landlords have preferred not to become acquainted with this spectral visitor, believing it to be a harbinger of tragedy.