Several ghosts have been making their presence felt at the Rose and Crown Pub, in Bulford, Wiltshire. New Landlord John Sutton believes that the Pub is haunted by up to six different ghosts, all have made their presence known in recent weeks.

John is hoping a medium or a paranormal investigation group will help him get to the bottom of the paranormal activity he has witnessed. He is adamant that there is the ghost of a dog upstairs, "From the back it looks like a Labrador, if you try to follow the dog, it vanishes into thin air. We regularly hear a sound like a dog gnawing at a bone". In the evenings Johns Staffordshire Terrier, Taffy often sits staring into space, "you can see he's watching something moving" says John.

The Rose and Crown Pub

John has heard what sounds like a child running up and down the passageways upstairs. John's daughter has also complained to her dad about her jewellery and makeup being moved.

John has found come downstairs in the morning and found the front door wide open, nothing is missing and there is no evidence of any intruders. The kitchen door is also known to open and close on its own, John has tried propping the door open with a fire extinguisher, only to find it had been moved minutes later.

Members of staff at the pub have witnessed many strange occurrences, including dark shadows, hearing noises from empty room, a ghostly presence in the cellar, has been nicknamed Billy. The gas taps on the barrels switch themselves off, and only a couple of weeks ago when John was alone in the cellar, he says a plastic bag was thrown at him. The dark shadow of a figure has also been seen weaving in and out of the pillars of the cellar.

One of the regulars at the Rose and Crown, Eric, who's 78, does not believe in ghosts but he told John that he watched a paint brush flip off the top of a paint can and saw a screwdriver move across the cellar floor."

Another regular, 'Pops' Fitton, says the pub's restaurant has a ghost he calls Fred, who switches off the vacuum cleaner, lights, and moves chairs. Local legend says that Fred is the spirit of a once local Highwayman who operated in the local area and drank at the Pub.