An isolated and remote setting, amidst marshland and mud flats gives the 300 year old Shipwrights Arms a timeless aura. Numerous patrons and staff have witnessed the ghost of a sailor, wearing a large thick coat and with red glowing eyes.

Either walking or driving from Faversham, its white-weather boarded exterior is visible from a considerable distance. Most of the detail of its history has disappeared into history, just a little is known. It is a least 300 years old. Probably an inn for a very long time, its existence was legalised in 1738, when it was first licensed. It can be assumed that the inn had led a colourful history, with smugglers and pirates as customers, along with the fishermen and sailors.

The Shipwrights Arms

The Shipwrights Arms has a single bar adorned with nautical fittings. The pub is oozing with character with its low beamed ceilings, narrow doorways, there are lots of places to hide and have a quiet drink.

During the Winter months on cold and stormy nights, numerous patrons and staff at the Shipwrights Arms have witnessed the ghost of a thick set sailor, wearing a large thick coat, peaked hat and with red glowing eyes. Preceding the ghostly apparition is usually the overwhelming smell of rum, tar and tobacco. A sharp drop in temperature is usually felt just before the apparition manifests.

The ghost is thought to be that of a 19th century Captain of a ship that sank in the Swale on a cold winters night. The captain managed to make it to land, clambering on to the mud flats and dragging himself up to the lights of the weather-boarded cottage. Tired and cold he banged on the door asking for help.

The landlord unwilling to open the door at such a late hour fearing smugglers or pirates shouted at him to leave. The landlord found the sailors dead body the next morning on his doorstep. The Captains spirit has never left.

Landlords at the Shipwright Arms have since, have heard loud banging on the door in the early hours of morning, on investigating there is never anyone there. One former landlady awoke many a night to see the ghost of the Captain standing at the bottom of her bed, glaring at her with bright red eyes. Barry Tester a former landlord at the property awoke one cold winters night to find the ghost had climbed into bed with him, it disappeared after several horrific seconds.

The apparition has also been seen in a small room that adjoining the bar, many customers have been startled when the bearded phantom suddenly enters the room then vanishes right in front of them. If you visit this haunted pub take along a camera and see if you can photograph some of the orbs that are often reported in the pub.