The Viaduct Tavern is one of London's most haunted pubs, it dates from 1875, and is the last example of a late Victorian gin palace left in the City of London. The paranormal activity is not just restricted to the cells under Viaduct Tavern.

The pub is just across the road from the Old Bailey. Its interior design was based on a very flamboyant Victorian opera house. The Viaduct is built on the cellars/foundations/cells of the Giltspur Street Compter, an old remand prison, which took the overflow from Newgate Prison across the road. The Cells are now used as the pubs cellar, if you ask the bartender nicely they may even let you take a look.

The Viaduct Tavern

I had heard about the cells from one of our readers and asked if I could take a look and they gave me a tour. The bartender showed me the cells, and when we got to a cell where they stored the soft drinks. My guide opened the door and I went to enter, and found I could not. It was as if something was pushing me and holding me there like a force field. The bartender then started telling me about someone who had died in that cell, and that in his opinion most of the paranormal activity at the pub was focused in this cell. The barmen also told me the staff didn't like to be down in the cellar at night on their own because sometimes the lights went off and the doors locked themselves and noises were heard, terrible noises of pain.

In 1996, a manager was tidying the cellar one Saturday morning, when the door suddenly slammed shut and the lights went out. Feeling his way to the door, he found that no matter how hard he pushed it just would not open. Fortunately, his wife heard his cries for help and came down stairs to investigate. She found that the doors, which would not open from the inside, were unlocked and easily pushed open from the outside.

The paranormal activity is not just restricted to the cells under Viaduct Tavern. In May 1999 two electricians, were working in one of the pubs upstairs rooms, they had rolled the carpet up and were taking up the floorboards, when one of them felt a hand tap him on the shoulder. Thinking it was his workmate he turned round, but found that he was on the other side of the room. Believing that he'd imagined it he went back to work and yet again he felt a tap on his shoulder. Standing up, he went over to his friend to ask if he was playing a prank, but the man denied any involvement. As he was about to return to his chores, both men watched as the heavy carpet, that lay rolled up by the window, was lifted into the air and dropped heavily onto the floor.

A Cell Beneath The Viaduct Tavern

The paranormal activity on the upper floors is attributed to a murdered prostitute. The Landlord Supannika Bubpathong says several mediums have visited the tavern and all either saw or felt the spirits. One saw a face in an upstairs window, others claim to have seen or sensed a spirit nicknamed Fred haunting the cellar.