When I was about 8 or 9, I was at a friends house, we were living on the Isle of White at the time. My friend lived in a big house just set back from the beach. We were playing with his star wars figures, and I noticed what I thought was a black cat.

I asked my friend when his parents had gotten him a cat. He stated, "We don't have one." He seemed little agitated at my question, so I went into the hall and there it was again, right by the stairs leading down to the living room. I said, "Well, what is this then?".

When he came into the hallway, it dashed down the stairs. He naturally didn't see it, and looked even more upset. His mother was sitting down in the living room, and I called down to her to see if she had seen the cat. She was extremely upset, and told us to go back into my friends room, and stop playing around the stairs.

It had been arranged that I was to spend the night, but my parents showed up about a half an hour later, and took me home. I never really knew why. I figured I had upset his mother somehow, and she was just mad at me, or punishing him for playing by the stairs. Several years later, when I was about 17, an event at home got my mother and I onto a discussion about the supernatural and ghosts, she proceeded to tell me about what had happened at my friends house all those years ago.

The family had seen black creatures, of varying sizes, and they had been terrorizing the family. The origin of these creatures had almost always been the bathroom, which was right next to my friends bedroom. They had been attacked several times causing injuries to the family. What I had seen was one of these creatures, one of the most violent from what they said. His mother had called my mother in a panic, they had never appeared to anyone but family members, until now.

I learned that later that week, the local vicar and several vicars from the mainland, had gone to their house to try an exorcism. They were violently attacked, and one member of the group had become possessed momentarily. They apparently had no further problems from then on, but every time I go by that house, I get this sinking feeling. Like it's watching as you go by.

What brought me and my mother into this discussion was odd as well. I have had several times when I was at home, alone, up in my room, and hear the kitchen cabinets open and close. Sounds of glasses, and the fridge opening. I would assume someone was home and go down to see who was there. No one was home. Nothing had been disturbed. Anyway, I was in my last months of 6th form, and came home.

Our house is two stories with a basement. We would enter the house from the back door, because the garage is next to the back edge of the house. When you walk into the back door, you came into a landing, on staircase hall. The hall went up, into the kitchen area to the left, and went down into the basement to the right. You couldn't see directly into the next room of the basement, the stairs ended above the sub-pump, and the room was off to the left from the bottom.

When I came into the back door, I looked to my right as I came in, because someone looked around the corner, casually, as if to see who was home, and then went back into the basement. The basement lights were on. I went up into the kitchen, and my mother was sitting at the table working on a cake.

I asked her who was in the basement, because I thought it was her. She said no one. I said, "well, someone just looked at me from down their, and the lights are all on." We went and looked, and they were off. We went down, and no one was there.I told her about the other things that had been happening in the house, and she seemed kind of sceptical. For some reason, she may have thought it was their creatures, I don't know. But she told me all about the creatures at my friends house.

I was so upset about whatever it was that looked at me from the basement, that I don't really know how the conversation got there, it just drifted in that direction. But there have been other events that have made me believe in ghosts, demons, or whatever they are. There is something there. It may be a natural extension of our after existence. It may be evil, or the devil. I don't know. I have found that if I leave them alone, and just take them with a bit of humour, and a grain of salt sometimes, that I have on the hole been left alone, I haven't had an experience in about 4 years.