Towards the end of June 1999, I had been out walking my dog, Ben, along the green avenue leading from Monkton Farleigh Manor to South Wraxall. It was late in the afternoon and we were coming to the end of our walk.

We were probably only a mile or so from the village when I noticed a huge black dog standing on the path, about 200 yards ahead of us. Normally this wouldn't have seemed out of the ordinary to me, but my dog Ben is a rather anti-social animal, who always barks non-stop and chases after any other dogs that he comes close to.

As we came closer to the dog it suddenly dawned on me that Ben hadn't made a sound, which was really strange because he must have been able to see it as it was on the path, and it was now only 100 yards away. As we walked closer, Ben started to run off ahead towards the big black dog. I thought he was going to run up and start barking at it, but as he reached the other dog, he just carried on past it as if he hadn't even noticed it at all. As Ben carried on running the other dog turned around and started to run up along side him. They ran together for about thirty seconds before I lost sight of them over the hill.


When I came over the top of the hill, Ben was just sitting on the path waiting for me. I looked around but there was no sign of the other dog. The surrounding area was quite open, and as I was only thirty seconds or so behind the dogs I was sure that I would have seen it somewhere. The strange thing was that Ben hadn't made a sound during the whole encounter, where as with all other dogs he would have barked at it the whole time. It was only later on when I mentioned it to some friends that I realised that what I had seen must have been a ghostly black dog.