In Nueva Palmira, Uruguay several local residents claim to have witnessed an imp or alien, opinions seem to vary. The strange creature was spotted hovering some four feet above a high voltage power line close to the main port.

Witnesses claim it measured 25 centimeters, the flying creature would move around, bothered by flashlight beams. After repeated calls, police officers and agents of the local Prefecture were persuaded to visit the site and also witnessed the creature.

This is how journalist Roberto Tatto told the story on Tuesday on Nueva Palmira's Cono Sur radio station, according to eyewitness accounts. "The event occurred last Saturday night at the traffic distributor that leads to the port," he explained. "A shop owner came outside and saw a light startling him. His asked his wife and some of his shop's patrons to come out and take a look.

They approached and saw the figure changed colors. It had the shape of a doll. They pointed a flashlight at it, and it started to move around, as if bothered by the light. It was a 25 centimeter long "doll" moving over the cable. Later on, the Police arrived with high powered beams and it began moving more, as if becoming nervous. It moved its head and shuddered."

According to this story, the phenomenon was witnessed by several locals, who according to the fellow journalist "were afraid to get any closer, because the being seemed be annoyed by the beams" as it hovered over the high-voltage wires.

Hours went by and efforts were made to photograph the Imp with a cell phone, "but we later saw that it didn't come out right," they explained. The phenomenon lasted until around 4:00 a.m., when the figure contracted slowly until it vanished. Pearl colored "goo" was left behind as the only tangible evidence. Discussion over whether it was an "imp" or an extraterrestrial manifestation continues to dominate the daily agenda among the residents of Nueva Palmira.