Flying Rods are cylindrical shaped objects that range from four inches to a hundred feet in length. They move in a wave like motion through the air and travel at extremely high speeds, barely visible with the naked eye, but they can be captured on film.

Flying Rods

Flying Rods appear to have a membrane along their torsos and numerous appendages, which give them a centipede like form. They don't seem to be mechanical or made of metal and appear to exhibit some form of intelligence, as they have been recorded swerving around objects in their paths.

They are possibly the best evidence of alien life to date, or at the least, an exotic new form of life. Some believe they are unidentified creatures described as 'sky fish', due to the undulating way that they travel through the skies. No one has ever found a dead one or brought one back alive. The only evidence of these 'rods' is recorded on videotape, and only seen when played back frame by frame, or in slow motion.

Flying Rods caught on Camera

Flying rods have been observed and filmed all over the world, but were discovered accidentally by film maker Jose Escamilla in 1994, while filming in Midway, New Mexico.

Flying Rods caught on Camera

Jose Escamilla was filming some cliff jumpers with parachutes jumping down into the 1300 foot deep cave. While the jumpers were descending, they found that there were many white flying objects flying around the cave, which they didn't see during their jump.