Have you lived before? The concept of reincarnation that our souls may experience many lifetimes over centuries, maybe even thousands of years, has been present in virtually every culture since ancient times.

The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Aztecs all believed in the "transmigration of souls" from one body to another after death. In The Human Brain, Professor John Pfeiffer notes, "Your body does not contain a single one of the molecules that it contained seven years ago." Every seven years one's old body is completely rejuvenated. The self, however, our real identity, remains unchanged. Our bodies grow from infancy, to youth, to middle age, and then to old age, yet the person within the body, the "I," always remains the same.

Some children are born with a seemingly natural skill like Ludvig van Beethoven who could play the piano at 3 years of age other children who are geniuses perhaps they have just carried over their intelligence from a previous life.

Evidence for reincarnation has been well documented with evidence coming from countries all over the world, accounts can now be verified using historical references and records. The most credible evidence comes from children, accounts from adult's are usually obtained by hypnosis these accounts can sometimes be very accurate but these accounts can be flawed.

In the case of 'The search for Bridey Murphy', a book published in 1956, it detailed the hypnosis of a Colorado house wife Virginia Tighe. Under hypnosis she recalled a former life as an Irish women named Bridey Murphy, who lived in Cork Belfast between 1798 and 1864. Investigation of the case revealed that while growing up she had lived next door to an Irish women named Bridey Murphy from whom she had borrowed nearly all the elements of the story, this is called crypto amnesia.

Crypto amnesia are false memories created by the person, everyday you absorbs massive amounts of information from books, conversations, movies, television, etc. over the course of a lifetime, these memories become stored as unconscious memories and can resurface and be consolidated into a seemingly believable past-life memory.

Michael C. Pollack, Ph.D. had been suffering from chronic back pain for many years it had recently been getting even more painful his doctor advised him to see a college a psychologist . Michael underwent a series of past life therapy sessions: "I discovered that I had lived at least three prior lifetimes in which I had been killed by being knifed or speared in the low back. After processing and healing the past life experiences my back began to heal."

Research conducted by Nicola Dexter, a past life therapist, has discovered illness-past life correlations in her patients, including: a bulimia sufferer who swallowed salt water in a previous life; a fear of indoor heights caused by carving the ceiling of a church and being killed by falling to the floor; a persistent problem in the shoulder and the arm area having been caused by participating in a tug of war which injured the same arm; a fear of razors and shaving was found to have its root cause in another lifetime where the client had chopped off someone's fingers with a sword and then as retribution had their whole hand cut off.

In one case a baby girl, Eighteen-month-old Elsbeth, had never spoken a complete sentence. But one evening, as her mother was bathing her, Elsbeth spoke up and gave her mother a shock. "I'm going to take my vows," she told her mother. Taken aback, she questioned the baby girl about her strange statement. "I'm not Elsbeth now," the child replied. "I'm Rose, but I'm going to be Sister Teresa Gregory." She later described her nun's habit in detail as well as her daily chores at the convent.

In another case five year old Tommy, lost a button from his trousers. When his mother didn't sew it back on right away, Tommy found her needle and thread and did the job himself. "He sewed that button on so expertly that I couldn't believe it," his mother said. "I had never taught him to sew and he had never even seen me do it." When she asked how he knew how to do that, Tommy relied, "Well, we used to do it on my ship all of the time." He then related details of his previous life as a sailor.