I go to a very old school which used to be a convent. One night my friends and I decided to do a ouija board in some abandoned toilets on the top floor of the building. Not taking it very seriously, we began to laugh, curse and fool around.

This obviously angered whatever spirit there was present. We all put our fingers on the glass and chanted for something to come "if they dare". Nothing happened in the first few moments and just as we were going to quit, the glass shot suddenly across the board and spelt out d - e - a - t - h.

The glass became very hot and moved exceptionally fast across the board. Each one of us became silent and exceptionally afraid when the glass went eerily still. No one said a word and then someone whispered "are you a bad spirit?" The glass jolted extremely fast to yes.

At that point all of us screamed and left the board as it was. We ran for the door and it slammed shut on us and although it was a push door it was jammed shut. The lights blew and we were deserted in the darkness crying and screaming for someone to let us out.

The lights began to flash hysterically and we were ramming on the door as hard as we could. No one came. this was the scariest part of the experience.

The door that we were banging on had a glass panel to look out of and the lights suddenly went off and we saw a ghostly white woman's face pressed close up against the glass staring in. She sure looked mad. One of us fainted.A few seconds later a teacher pushed the door open and said she was outside in her office down the hallway and heard screaming.

This was the worst experience of my life, and I would strongly advise no person to do a ouija board. It may conjure up anything from the other side and as we did not properly close the board, the ghost is still roaming. Those toilets have been barred up due to the haunted happenings that had occurred in there.


Story Sent in by Georgina Atherton