I have lived in Bloomingfield, Indiana my whole life the nearest neighbour lives 15 miles away. I m married and live with my wife, I work at the local garage and my wife's a teacher. Last summer i saw something that I cannot explain.

I was leaving for work, it was early between 5-5.30am as I walked onto the front porch I noticed three bright spherical shaped lights which appeared to be floating above the top of the trees. One was blue another red and the third was green, each was 15-20 metres in diameter.

The blue light was travelling west, moving erratically and flying slowly. The red and green lights were moving around the blue light in a figure eight pattern. They were slightly smaller than the blue light. The objects were between 80-100 meters away close enough to cast their light onto the trees. I watched them for several minutes before they disappeared over the tree line to the west.

I woke up my wife and told her what had just happened I even made her put on some clothes, we got in the pickup and drove a few miles to see if we could find the lights, but they had gone. I told a couple of the guys at work most of them just laughed at me. I spent the rest of the day wondering what they could have been.

The following day my wife and I were both leaving the house at 6.00am for work, and the same lights were back in the same area performing the same manoeuvres. We both watched the lights dance around the sky for approximately an hour. The lights became a regular phenomenon for several days.