One evening I went out for a walk around my fields as it was still light. I own the land all the way up to a wooded area. Even before I got there I could see the glow of light emanating from the already darkening woods.

The light was a bright white I was standing about 100 metres from the woods. I then saw a blue light coming in over the trees from the north as it got closer I could see it more clearly. It was circular its lower half looked metallic and it had a blue light around its circumference.

 It came to a stop above the trees close to the area where the light was coming from it hovered there silently I could not hear any engine. I walked a bit closer staying close to the fence. After several minutes a larger shaped craft (30 metres in diameter) emerged up from out of the woods. The UFO lifted off vertically and silently. It was dark in colour with no lights, it flew off at a very fast speed to the West. The blue UFO followed after it at a similar speed.

I walked home and told my wife what I had seen, I decided to go to the woods the next day and have a look in the daylight. Jane my wife decided to come with me she was as curious as me. In the woods we found a clearing in the woods some of the vegetation had been flattened there was a circular patch of bare soil about a yard across in the centre.

As we were standing there we both heard the sound of a helicopter approaching it seemed to becoming closer and closer it could have been no than 200 metres away. The trees shield the helicopter from view but it seemed to be flying at a very low altitude. The helicopter stayed in the area for about 10 minutes before flying away.

We saw the lights regularly for the next month, then they stopped completely. Last Christmas I stopped over at my neighbours and I told him about the lights. He told me that he had also seen them, but not for some months. He had also heard that a local cattle owner has blamed the disappearance of several of his life stock to the aliens.