On the 6th of July 1989 Paul and Debbie Clare were driving home to Glastonbury after visiting friends in Southampton. The journey home was more eventful than they could ever have imagined, seeing something that they could not explain.

Paul was driving, Debbie was a sleep in the passenger seat, and they had just passed through the town of Blanford Forum. The time was approximately 9.45 pm, the sun had disappeared over the horizon and only remnants of light remained. The car lights were dipped, not dark enough for full beam. It was a Sunday, the road was quiet and they had made good progress after leaving the busy streets of Southampton.

As Paul cornered to the left he noticed an object above the tree line, a small spherical object approximately 1 mile away and at an altitude of 700 feet. As the road straightened out he had a clearer view of the object. At first he thought it possibly could have been a helium balloon but it seemed too big. Paul managed to keep track of the object through the trees. Fortunately, not far up the road the hedge on the left had been recently cut and he had a better view of the object.

He also realized that the object had come closer to the road (either that or the road had come closer to the object). He now had a much better view of it. The ufo was grey and metallic in colour with no lights and hard to spot against the darkening sky. The ufo was maintaining a parallel course to the road moving at a similar speed to the car. Paul realized that what he was seeing was a UFO and at this point and woke Debbie.

Both watched the object as it maintained its flight path close to the road, after 4-5 minutes the object change course crossing over the road 400 meters in front of them. Where it slowed to maintain a flight path parallel once more to the car it did this for approximately 1 minute before disappearing at a high speed to the south.