Close to 10 pm on the evening of August 23 2009, a UFO appeared in the sky above Beibei Binjiang Road in Chongqing. The UFO was "V" shaped and its color changed in the order of red, blue, green, yellow and white at short intervals.

Hundreds of people watched but no one heard any sound produced by engines or propulsion equipment. During the half hour that the UFO appeared, a civil airplane passed by. Witnesses compared the civil airplane to the UFO and discovered that the UFO was obviously flying at a higher attitude.

Chongqing UFO

After hovering for about half an hour, the periphery of the UFO began to twinkle and then it disappeared in the night sky. Shanghai UFO Research Center confirmed the pictures were not altered. The director of the center said a team will begin to examine the photos to determine if the UFO is genuine,