On the 2nd of May 2010 a UFO was spotted in the skies over Inverness. The sighting of the "orange fireball" in the sky over the city was reported by an RAF serviceman and his wife. Numerous other local residents also witnessed the phenomenon.

Heather and Karl King said they were in their garden when they spotted the unusual phenomenon at about 10.30pm in the sky from their New Elgin home in Moray.

Mrs King said they saw what looked like an orange fireball and her husband reckoned it was above Inverness. "It was an orange flame and was hovering. It came towards us then the light died out and it became a black sphere and started to spin towards the ground but we lost it in the cloud. It was really big and there was no noise."

She said they couldn't believe what they were seeing and Karl went inside to get a telescope and they observed the light for a couple of minutes before it finally disappeared.

Mr King, who is ground crew at RAF Lossiemouth, is an aviation enthusiast and plane spotter. "As an RAF man I'm an aviation enthusiast. I know planes when I see them but I have never seen anything like this before. My thoughts were at that height it must have been in the Inverness area.

"UFOs are not something I have really thought about but this was definitely unexplained and it was definitely not a Chinese lantern." Mr King even considered the possibility that it could have been debris from a space shuttle. "But I don't think a space shuttle separation could be seen in this part of the world and if something like that was going to happen we would have heard about it. I couldn't put my finger on what it was, but it wasn't an aircraft."

Earlier this year, another witness Mr Jackson described how he saw an orange fireball as he travelled along the A96 approaching Nairn from the east. He parked on the Grantown Road to observe the strange phenomenon. The following evening, joined by his mother, they saw the same spherical orange light the size of a tractor cab travelling at speed along the Moray Firth coast. He had similar sightings in Inverness on February 27 and again at Nairn links on March 6.

"I am pleased someone else has come out and reported a similar experience to mine," said Mr Jackson. "I would urge other people to come forward. I am positive thousands of people must have seen what I saw but 99% would have put it down to an aircraft. No one has come anywhere near to explaining my sightings."

Michael Mulford, an RAF spokesman, said: "The UK is ringed with a sophisticated network of radar. Our primary interests would be search and rescue and protection of UK air space. Anything suggesting a plane in distress or our air space was being violated would have been picked up but we have no record of any unexplained activity on Sunday night."