For hundreds of years ghost stories have been told around the camp fire, and passed on from generation to generation. Ghost stories are often associated with the idea of hauntings, where supernatural entities are tied to places, people or objects.


Number 10 - The Faces of Belmez, Cordoba, Spain

In the village of Belmez, close to Cordoba, it was their daughter who first noticed them, it terrified the girl's mum, and developed into a mystery for which scientists, despite every test, have as yet been unable to find any natural explanation.

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Number 9 - The Ghosts of the Trianon, Paris, France

On the 10th August, 1901, two English women experienced what could only be described as a time slip, during a visit to the Palace of Versailles, Paris. The controversy over exactly what these women saw on that day would linger on for decades.

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Number 8 - The Lennox Haunting

What I have learned to call The Lennox Haunting, occurred in a haunted house where I lived in terror in for thirty eight days in total. After my experiences in the house we vacated the property and moved to a different home on the outskirts of Lennox.

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Number 7 - Heidi Wyrick, Georgia, USA

Heidi Wyrick's experiences with the paranormal world started when she was just three years old, when Heidi developed an imaginary friend. The ghost of an old man appeared in her backyard, beckoning Heidi to play with him on the swings.

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Number 6 - Poveglia Island, Near Venice, Italy

Poveglia Island was home to a small community until it was abandoned in 1380 and is haunted by the ghosts of the plague victims. It is a small land mass situated in the Venetian Lagoon between the cities of Venice and Lido.

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Number 5 - Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

On July 1, 1863, what began as a skirmish soon escalated into the pivotal battle which would ultimately decide the American Civil war. Over the years extremely high levels of paranormal activity have been recorded at the site and surrounding area.

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Number 4 - Ghost Towns of America, Tombstone, USA

Tombstone is one of the most famous ghost towns in America, and is one of the most haunted locations in Arizona. A female ghost with maggots crawling out of her ears has been spotted very frequently along with a ghost resembling a goblin.

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Number 3 - The Screaming Waitress, London, England

I just want to say that I have never been a believer in the supernatural. I think that everything has a logical explanation. There is absolutely no explanation for what I'm about to share with you, and I can not stop thinking about it.

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Number 2 - Resurrection Mary, Justice Illinois, America

During the mid 1930's, bewildered and shaken drivers began to appear almost routinely at the Illinois police station, telling strange and frightening stories about a vanishing girl seen on the highway, who would go on to become known as Resurrection Mary.

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Number 1 - The Legend of Bloody Mary

Most people heard the Bloody Mary legend when they were children, listening to spooky ghost stories around the campfire. The tale is still told to this day at campouts and late-night bonfire parties, but little is known about the truth behind the legend.

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